Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Fun Day At The Turkey Shoot!

This weekend we took the boys to their first turkey shoot. It is a fundraiser that one of the local boyscout troops host every year. You have got to soot a metal target to make a flag come up. If you hit the target you win a turkey. It was a lot of fun but the boys were a little disappointed because they thought they were going to get to shoot a real turkey!

Ay and Kea were not real sure if they wanted to get close!

Keaton, Hunter, and Ayden taking a pony ride before they went to "shoot" their turkey.

Keaton's 1st time to shoot a gun! Papa was so proud!

Ayden is such a perfectionist that he got really mad when he did not hit the target!

Eddy, Blake's dad, was so funny. Blake hit the target so he went back and shot till he hit one. Can't be out shot by your baby boy!

I even tried! I don't think that I could have hit the broad side of a barn with that gun!!

The boys claiming their turkey. They are getting big so fast! It will not be long and these three will be sitting in their own deer stand. I wish I could keep them little forever!


Liz said...

You know you're from the South when.....

No, seriously, I wish we had known about this! We would've gone, too! We're a family of firearm carrying Rednecks ya know?