Sunday, September 14, 2008

God Must Be A Comedian!

Both of the boys had their tonsils out on September 11th. We decided to do them both on the same day 45 minutes apart. Being that Keaton was under three years old and that Ayden had his heart scare this summer Dr. Lewis wanted to keep them both in the hospital over night. Blake and I had it all planned out. I spent all day on Wednesday making Jell-O and pudding. We went to the store and let the boys pick out popsicles and ice cream. Ayden was being very brave about having his tonsils and getting excited about all the ice cream that his Papa told him that he could have. The night before Blake had a softball game and we took the boys. The very first play of the game Blake went to dive for a ball and stepped in a hole and either pulled or tore his ACL. We are still waiting on the results from the MRI. I got home and got everyone comfortable and in be and you will never guess what happened! About 3 am I started getting sick at my stomach! Of all times to get the tummy flu!! Let me just recap and remind you all that Blake's mom just had surgery on her elbow, my aunt-mom is in Florida taking care of her dad who has a growth on his liver, my grandmother had a cancer spot on her nose removed on the 8th of September that required 32 stitches, and Blake's grandfather just had his corroded artery cleaned and is not suppose to be moving around to much.

Thursday morning I could not even move. I lay-ed on the couch in the surgery waiting room until Blake told me that the doctor said that I could not be around the boys and that I had to go home. That was the most awful feeling in the world! Your babies are having surgery and you cannot even kiss the before they go in. By the time I got up and go to the parking lot I felt better so I went straight to my doctor and got some phenergan gel. Blake call and told me that Dr. Lewis said that if I would go home and take a shower and wear a mask around the boys that I could come back.

By the time that I got back both boys were in there hospital room. Ayden was fine! He looked at his daddy when I got there and asked when he was going to have his tonsils out! He ate 5 cups of ice cream!! Keaton was a different story. He was inconsolable! It took us three hours to get him to stop crying and take a nap!

We are all home now and doing well. Both boys are tired of being in the house. We are all very ready to go back to school!!

Thank you to everyone for your call, e-mails, and most of all for your prayers!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our 1st day at OTA!

My babies outside at OTA!

Kea is so excited to be in Mrs. Mary's class

Berkley had a long day too!!

This summer I had to put my sheltie, Jag, to sleep. Blake gave my Jag before we were even engaged. It broke my heart but we could not stand to see him sick. For my birthday Blake told me that I could have a new puppy. We wanted a girl but the second that we saw Berkley we knew that he belonged with our family!

Picking up Berkley!

Keaton and Berkley playing at Grammy and Papa's.

Berkley's favorite thing to do is to play in the water then roll in the dirt! He gets at least two baths a day!

Now this is what I am talking about! I should have bout one of these a long time ago!!!

I turned 26 on Aug. 28th and I had an awesome day! I am so luck to have three amazing guys that take great care of me. Blake and the boys took me to eat at Show Gunns. Carrie and Eddy and Jen, Josh, and Hunter got to come with us. We had the best time watching the boys interact with the chef. He was so funny and was great with the boys.

He keeps me smiling!

Aunt Jen and the boys. (Don't you just love it when people take pictures of you eating!)

Chef Johnny and the guys.

Sill faces!

Daddy and boys making birthday breakfast.

This summer has been crazy for our family! Ayden and Keaton, who are never sick, have both been sick all summer! They have each had tonsillitis four times each! Ayden got an abscess on one of his tonsils and was in the hospital for three days. Now both boys are having there tonsils out on September 11th. We are doing it all on one day 30 minutes apart. If anyone wants to volunteer to move in with us, come on!!!!

Trying to pass the time!
Little brother was lost with out Ayden at home!

We LOVE Dr. Lewis!!
This is the cool toy that Ayden got for being in the hospital. Ayden had begged us for this for a month and when he had to have his IV put in Blake promised him he could have it. When Blake got to the store to buy it he about passed out! It was $40!!!! He will be more careful about what he promises next time!!